Some think I’m nothing.

It is with deep sorrow that I write of this revelation.

Does it sound ridiculous? That I would be so presumptuous to think that this is a surprise? That I could be immune to the judgment that everyone, no matter whether they are widely loved or relatively unknown, is subjected to?

I guess it might be. But still, it is a creeping feeling that managed to slip through the cracks. These are cracks that I thought had sealed; this is a feeling that, while ever present at a nagging level, I hadn’t felt surge into every fiber of my body for a long time.

Some think I’m nothing; I don’t want to be among those included.

That’s all I have to say. The rest of the words won’t come to me. They’re locked away somewhere, with everything else I’ve refused to face.


2 thoughts on “Some think I’m nothing.

  1. Whenever you feel that way, put your chin back up, and remember that your Canadian friend Alan thinks very highly of you. Also, I know from casual observations of some online stuff that your family also thinks very highly of you. And you’ve got other friends who think very highly of you too. If you feel down about anything, you are welcome to send me messages or call me via the facebook calling feature. I wouldn’t mind being a friend who listens at those times. I can probably only listen, as I might not be too good with giving advice currently.

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