It’s not for girls, because you see, it is a robot.

Prime example of marketing based on exclusion.  Girly stuff is inferior.  Let this robot manhandle your life.

I wrote about the new Droid phone just before it came out, and about how excited I was about it. I’m never the biggest fan of picking a company and pitting yourself against them (though it’s hard to avoid with the mega-popularity the iPhone has), but picking something that “represents” half the world’s population and saying that if it represents women, then it’s pretty much useless, then my friends, that is so infuriating to people like me.

I nearly wrote a review on the Droid. Backstory: My boyfriend purchased one and I had to show him how to set it up, how to customize it, and how to download and use applications. He was very reluctant at first, because he’s never owned a smartphone and thought it was too complicated.  But guess what?  Now that he’s had time to get to learn it (with a bit of help to get started) he loves it! And he knows I love it, too. The only reason I decided against writing a review was because I felt I only got started on it, and I don’t want to do a half-assed job.

Now I feel compelled to write a review, and record myself putting unicorn backgrounds on the phone, customizing it with Rainbow Brite ringtones, shopping online for shoes, purses, and a new haircut, and of course talking on it hands free about my latest girls’ night out.

Oh, Droid does, indeed.